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Shortcorse 4WD - Buggy 4WD - Buggy 2WD - Baja 2WD racing.


Dutch Largescale Indoor 2016

On 16/17/18 September we organize for the third time the Dutch Largscale Indoor.


The Dutch Largescale Indoor is an unique indoor event.

This event is organized to have fun and as much as possible driving time for each driver.

Each driver has the same racing time to get the most out of your weekend.

A big raffle with nice prizes from our supporters.

2WD Buggy - 2WD Baja - 4 WD Buggy - 4WD Shortcours.

Engines up to 32 cc allowed.


  • Registration for the entire weekend € 27.50
  • Registration for 1 day € 12.50
  • camping at the track € 15.00 per caravan / motorhome


Don't miss the biggest event of 2016!!

Any questions send a email to info@dutchlargescaleindoor.nl